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Been dreaming of custom cabinets for the kitchen or bath, or perhaps a gorgeous built-in entertainment center, home office or fireplace surround? We caught up with four industry pros for expert tips on what to look for in a custom cabinetmaker, plus the lowdown on pricing structure, 3D-rendering technology and more. The two biggest factors for choosing custom are attention to detail in the design phase and having the ability to seamlessly match millwork, trim or furniture pieces with the custom cabinetry. True custom cabinets offer customers the ability to have complete flexibility in their project designs. Special sizing constraints, uncommon wood types or finishes, and complicated design elements are not an issue when choosing a custom cabinet and millwork shop. When you order stock cabinetry, you have to stick to standard cabinet sizing, and the fillers accommodate any unused space. This limits your choices in many ways and creates a lot of unused space that you won't run into if you go the custom route. Custom guarantees that your designer is always working with a fresh, new perspective and you're getting something uniquely you.

From a product standpoint, custom shops use superior materials, hardware and construction methods. You will pay a bit more, but they will stand up to wear and tear, whereas the cheaper materials and hardware used in many off-the-shelf cabinets will break down much faster. For instance, a soft-close drawer slide may work fine for the first year or so, but we've gone into many homes and seen the compression piston fail, which results in a faulty slide. From a customer service standpoint, custom shops should take more time in the planning process to ensure your new cabinets do more than fill the space with storage, but also reflect your style and plans for how you intend to use your space. Actually custom verses off-the-shelf is not so important. Sometimes customization is essential if the kitchen requires the cabinets to be in a specific size or finish, but custom is a term that is too general. Anyone making cabinets in their garage can be considered a custom cabinetmaker. What's more important is which factory you are purchasing from. The quality, stability, reputation and consistency of the factory are important for a homeowner to consider more than custom versus stock.

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Founded in 2005, A&E Millwork quickly became established as one of New York's best architectural millwork providers. A&E Millwork specializes in high quality millwork, Architectural Millwork, Custom Cabinetry, Cabinetry Installation, Furniture, Doors, Moulding, Windows, Estimating, (Interior & Exterior), Commercial Retail Fixtures, Stairs, Coeffer, as well as many other custom millwork services. We create custom millwork to the exact specifications of builders, architects, and our interior designers. We are determined to make the vision of your home or commercial space comes alive by combining old world craftsmanship with experience and quality. A&E Millwork has been producing the highest quality of hardwood millwork in both commercial and residential spaces. From wood trims to custom doors to cabinetry and furniture, etc.; you name it, we create it!


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