7 Advantages Of Having A Custom Walk-In Closet

Adding a custom walk-in closet to a bedroom is a relatively easy home improvement project, and it can bring a lot of benefits to the owners. A closet can certainly make your life more comfortable, but it can also boost your home’s security and value, so everyone should consider building one.

1. Dress Quickly

The average person spends between 11 and 30 minutes getting ready in the morning. That adds up fast, and a walk-in closet can help you reduce that time. You can install a mirror, hair dryer, and other tools in a custom walk-in closet to turn it into a dressing room. That will spare you from walking back and forth between your dresser and a mirror or between appliances in the morning and shorten the time you spend getting ready.

2. Added Privacy

There are times when you need a little extra privacy, such as when you need to get dressed while other people are around. You can simply close the door to a walk-in closet and use it as a private room in those situations.

3. Storage Space

Most people build closets because they need space for their clothes and accessories. Closets vary significantly in size, but an area of 60 and 100 square feet is reasonably common. That provides a massive amount of storage space, especially for people who use shelves to take advantage of vertical space as well.

4. Added Value

A home improvement project is an investment in its own right, so it is important to pick one that will make a big impact on the home’s value. A custom walk-in closet is one of the best bets for that. Potential buyers will value the added space, but it can also be enough to allow you to classify a side room as another bedroom. It can even help with the sale by making your home neater, which will generally increase its perceived value. Details will count a lot when determining the closet’s value in your home, but it will generally be a good investment.

5. Secure Storage

It is common to store jewelry and other valuables on a dresser or in a closet. Putting them in a walk-in closet is the safest choice, since you can lock the door or provide extra security to defend your possessions. It isn’t as strong as a bank vault, but it will slow thieves down and give the police extra time to intervene.

6. Easy Organization

It’s harder to organize a small space than a big one. The average closet is bursting at the seams with clothes and other items, which makes it almost impossible to organize. A walk-in closet has much more space, so you can divide your possessions into groups instead of cramming them all in together.

7. Simple Cleaning

Cleaning is also easier when you have more space. You normally have to empty a cramped closet in order to clean it thoroughly. Locate a high-quality home cleaning service that will clean up your closet area to look fresh and new. A more spacious closet allows you to work around the clothes inside while you clean, which makes the process much faster.