Custom Millwork Bathroom Design & Installation

Your bathroom is a sanctuary, where you wash away the stress of your day. Whether it’s a quick shower to wake you up or a long relaxing soak in your bathtub to get you ready for bed, your bathroom should bring you a sense of peace and serenity. Custom millwork cabinets, a broad spectrum of tiling, porcelain, and other surface materials, combined with the unique A&E milling standard, all come together to deliver on your exact custom millwork bathroom requirements, however standard or luxurious they may be.

Bathroom Projects

You will benefit from:

  • Our face-to- face client needs analysis
  • Full-solution creative design and cost estimation
  • 3D renderings to give you that real-feel of what your custom millwork bathroom will look like before construction commences
  • Full materials and finishes specification to ensure that there are no deviations between design concept and end result
  • Complete installation and sourcing of client approval prior to conclusion (nothing is outsourced and all construction and installation is done in accordance with A&E’s work standards)
  • Our guaranteed best-of- breed custom bathroom installation

Contact us today for a professional onsite needs analysis and quotation for a custom millwork bathroom.