Custom Butcher Block Countertops in NYC

Are you in the market for visually appealing, custom-made butcher block countertops? If so, you have come to the right place! Custom butcher block countertops are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.  A&E Millwork provides custom wood countertops that are built to your specifications and will seamlessly match the overall décor of your kitchen. Our design options are limitless; we can tailor sink and stove cutouts but will also cut the wood at whatever angle and size you need.

Wood Options for Butcher Block Countertops

Type of Wood:
A&E Millwork uses only the finest natural wood selections, including mahogany, maple, cherry, oak, and walnut. Regardless of which option you choose, our woods will provide rich color and texture and will look new and stylish for years to come.

Edge Grain or End Grain:
We fabricate both edge grain and end grain options for your kitchen’s butcher block.

– Edge grain butcher block countertop features hardwood strips that are laminated together in a parallel fashion. Notably, the length of the grain is visible, which helps improve the sturdiness of the surface, ensuring it holds up to all sorts of kitchen work, including baking. In fact, many baking enthusiasts choose this style.

– End-grain butcher block countertops are made from hardwood pieces that are coated together with the ends situated in a vertical position. These countertops are ideal for clients who always find themselves chopping up food in the kitchen, as the wood grain does not grab the knife, thereby causing damage and dulling the blade.

A good rule of thumb would be to consider edge grain countertops ideal for bakers and end grain options better for culinary specialists.

Butcher Block Countertop Pricing
You will always find that the custom wood countertops from A&E Millwork are competitively priced. That is why both our NYC customers and those around the country trust us to design and craft their butcher block countertop in their home or business.

Edge Profile Selection
If you’re looking at custom-made wood countertops but you’re uncertain which edge profile to select, we have included edge profile options in the image below.

Butcherblock Sample Set

Introducing our Premium Butcher Block Sample Set Collection: Craftsmanship at its Finest

Ready to elevate your culinary experience with our meticulously crafted Butcher Block, a masterpiece of functionality, durability, and timeless style. This exceptional kitchen essential is designed for those who appreciate the art of cooking and demand the highest quality in their culinary workspace.

This 7″x 7″ x 4″ sample set comes with a convenient leather carry strap for easy transport, and (6) individual wood options each with a distinct custom edging profile. Perfect for interior designers & architects on the go or as a showroom display

Countertops Projects

Before & After Countertops

Why A&E Millwork for Custom Made Wooden Butcher Block Countertops?
Our company combines the best of both worlds: old school, top notch craftsmanship with the best new technologies the industry has to offer.  Notably, we are registered with the Building Trades Association and always stay up to date on the latest industry standards.

We work meticulously on the wooden butcher blocks we craft to reach our ultimate goal of forming lifelong relationships with our clients. We work to earn a referral from our clients to their friends and family. To make sure every job goes smoothly and nothing gets lost in translation, every project we work on is supervised by our owners, who make themselves available to our clients throughout the duration of the project.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to place your custom order.