Custom Millwork Office

Your office is not just the place where you think, meet, work and sell. It’s the space where you need to find yourself, be yourself and promote yourself. AandE Millwork understands that better than anyone (being professionals ourselves), and, as such, offers the best of designer custom millwork office spaces to any industry.

Where designer space becomes mind-space

Having supplied high-impact custom millwork office space to a range of industries, from retail to commercial to industrial to hospitality, we are your custom office design and development partner.

A Uniquely-Designed Computer Desk for Your Desktop
Our custom-made wood office desks are just right for either laptops or desktops. We’re the modern office desk builders that know how to construct ergonomic furniture pieces which should bring in rave reviews from anyone who sees them.

A&E Millwork is the built-in desk builder who creates a customized piece which will fit any office size. Why would you contact a wood desktop builder who will send over a one-size-fits-all option when you can get one of our custom-made wood office desks instead?

Office Desk & Cabinetry Projects

Why Choose A&E Millwork for Modern, Handcrafted Desk Construction?
The built-in desktops we make all came with our guarantee of exquisite, meticulous crafting. We’re the only NYC office desk builder that gives you excellent prices on custom wooden desktops that perfectly combine functionality and an artisanal appearance you’ll immediately notice.

We are the custom wooden desk builder that can make pieces for reception areas, doctor’s offices, lawyer’s offices, and many more. Our custom-made office desks make fantastic gifts, and we follow your specifications to the letter.

Allow AandE to bring their proven professionalism to you as we:

  • Provide you with a free hands-on, face-to- face client needs analysis
  • Develop a full-solution creative design options and cost estimation
  • Prepare 3D office renderings that will give you a working experience of the office space before construction or installation even begins
  • A full specification of recommended materials, finishes, textiles and furnishings that will ensure that the custom millwork office space we put on your table is the one we deliver at the end of the process
  • 360˚ installation and construction, including the sourcing of client approval prior to conclusion (nothing is outsourced and all construction and installation is done in accordance with A&E’s work standards)

Contact us today for a free face-to-face needs analysis and quotation for a custom millwork office.