Custom Wood Closets Contractor in Brooklyn and NYC

Looking for custom closets to upgrade your Brooklyn home? A&E Millwork is the NYC luxury closet designer that can meet all your needs and make your vision come true. Our closet design elements feature traditional crafting that will look great in your living space. Wood closet design is our passion, and we use superior materials to ensure our projects last you for many years.

Luxury California Closet Design
If you’re into custom closets, now’s the time to install some in your NYC residence. The luxury California closets we create are eye-catching and sturdy. We’re passionate about developing closet solutions that provide you with the storage options you need, even if you don’t have the most spacious living area.

Other Custom Closet Designs

Wardrobe Closet
Our classic wardrobe design is one of the custom closets Brooklyn craves. A wardrobe is a stand-alone unit you can fill with various kinds of clothing. It draws on the traditional chest-style closet design that maximizes your available apparel space.

Linen Closet
A&E Millwork’s linen closet choices are sure to appeal to a variety of styles and spaces. These are closets with extra-deep shelves and drawers you can use to store and keep track of all your sheets, towels, and tablecloths.

Reach-In Closets
Our reach-in closet showcases our wood closet design expertise in a practical way that also enhances your living space. In contrast to a walk-in closet, our reach-in models are grab-and-go. The comprehensive layout allows you to see where everything is stored at a glance.

Walk-In Closets
If you like California closets, the walk-in model might be right up your alley. This option allows you to step inside the closet for privacy while you pick out a suitable outfit for any occasion.

Our pantry options utilize traditional closet design in an exciting way. We will set up shelves in your new pantry that you can use to store cooking supplies, excess or bulk food, household cleaning necessities, and other provisions in your NYC home.

Utility Closets
When looking at our California closets, you might choose a utility-style setup based on how many different household sundries you can keep inside. Store your cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, and more in your custom utility closet.

Cabinet Projects

Before & After Closets

Why Choose A&E Millwork for Your Custom Closets in Brooklyn and NYC?
For custom-designed California closets in Brooklyn and throughout NYC, A&E Millwork has the experience, skill, and portfolio to be your obvious choice. As a company that wants to deliver a high-quality wood closet option at a reasonable price, you can be sure that we’ll deliver quality craftsmanship you can’t find anywhere else.

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