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How Custom Millwork Adds Value to Your Home

Creating a new look for your home can be an overwhelming and expensive undertaking. Many people assume a decent upgrade will require complete or complicated renovations, but home improvements don’t have to be large-scale to be transformative. Adding custom millwork to your space is a simpler, more cost-effective way to elevate your aesthetic and increase… Read more »

Incorporating Wood into Your Interior Design

Wood has been a staple resource in the design world since humans started building permanent homes! It provides every space it inhabits with reliable strength and a timeless look. There are so many different ways to bring the natural beauty of wood into your home, it can be hard to know where to start. Check… Read more »

Custom Cutting Boards: The Perfect Newlywed Gift

Anyone can buy a blender or a toaster as a wedding gift, but if you’re close to the couple, you’ll want to get them something special. Have you considered a custom cutting board? When you want a touching and creative wedding gift, custom cutting boards have just enough charm. Thankfully, when you start looking for… Read more »

How to Choose Millwork and Colors for the Top 3 Custom Home Styles

When building a custom home, it helps to choose a style to guide your design choices. Some of the most interesting custom home designs feature a defined architectural style, custom interior millwork, and a thoughtful color palette. Based on this article by Houzz, the top three styles you’re likely to see are Farmhouse, Modern/Contemporary, and… Read more »