Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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A complete bathroom remodel is an exciting and worthwhile endeavor. There is nothing like winding down for the night in your new bathtub with whirlpool jets or performing your skincare over a beautifully designed basin sink. Still, common mistakes are made with any home improvement venture that can leave you second-guessing your design decisions.

Here are a few common mistakes people make when remodeling their bathrooms.

Not Incorporating Enough Storage Space

People new to renovating tend to focus too much on the overall aesthetic of the space and neglect practical aspects of design, such as ensuring enough room for storage. This can lead to a space that feels cramped and is difficult to navigate.

There are plenty of ways to maximize storage space in your bathroom, but if you’re doing a complete remodel, it is best to add things like custom cabinetry so you won’t have to worry about limited storage space.

Inadequate Lighting

Resorting to bright overhead lights over the vanity, shower, or toilet can result in your bathroom space not living up to its full potential. It’s also important to understand that installing too much lighting can lead to a space being too bright and lacking ambiance. Bathrooms are where we style our hair, shave, and apply makeup. These activities require proper lighting and installing general ambient light might not be enough.

It would be wise to install task lighting to ensure you have the necessary illumination to perform your daily functions. Accent lighting, such as an elegant chandelier with dimmer switches, can be hung over the tub to add depth and dimension to the space and offer a warm, illuminating glow. If you have an intricate wall tile design that you’d like to highlight, accent lighting can help you achieve that.

Poor Quality Fittings and Finishes

Poor quality fittings may result in constant fixing and adjustments, which are costly. Everything from damaged hardware and leaking faucets to porous surfaces can hinder your bathroom design. To save yourself time and extra money, you should always hire a professional remodeling company to assist you.

At A&E Millwork, we work with you to ensure all renovations fit your space perfectly. We incorporate custom millwork cabinets and a wide spectrum of tiling such as porcelain and other surface materials to construct your dream custom millwork bathroom.

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