Custom Kitchen Millwork Cabinetry Designs that are Trending

There are exciting trends in kitchen cabinetry design that allow the kitchen to be both a gathering space and a working room. If you’re planning a new home or a rehab and want custom millwork kitchen accents or touches, take careful note of exactly what you want in the space, then put it to work for you, your family and your guests.


Cabinets with Furniture Styling

One popular and efficient upgrade in modern kitchens is the addition of furniture accents. If you’re considering a storage feature with some glass in the door, be aware that there are cabinet makers who can put your display items in a custom cabinet that resembles a china hutch. This hutch will be sturdily built and match your cabinets.

Other options include an island that has the appearance of a fine buffet, loaded with drawers and plenty of storage.


Think White and Bright

As homes grow smaller over time, kitchens loaded with dark wood may start to feel small and cramped. Current kitchen cabinetry design trends utilize light paint colors for much of the cabinet surface.

However, islands still get to march to their own beat. Your island may feature a matching cabinet style with a contrasting paint color, or you may consider using a totally different piece for your island. Any standing height table will work; in fact, with the right chairs, your island could serve as a critical feature in your eat-in kitchen.


Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

The prevalence of island workspaces makes it easier for cabinet designers to fill in wall space with floor to ceiling cabinets. These cabinets, when combined with custom pull-outs to maximize storage, can make your kitchen a marvel of efficiency.

Additionally, floor to ceiling cabinets make it easy to hide large appliances, such as refrigerators, behind cabinet facades.



Modern custom millwork kitchen design is loaded with lighting designed to make it easy to work on any surface in the kitchen. LED strips can easily be placed in a simple groove, and these lights produce very little heat while giving you and fellow cooks plenty of work light.

In addition, modern trends offer plenty of reflective surfaces. From glossy subway tile to shiny countertops, you will get plenty of light bounce from a small light source.



Thanks to the prevalence of dishwashers, the need for a double sink is greatly reduced. New sink designs offer a large single bowl for cookie sheets and other challenging items. Additionally, new faucet designs offer great flexibility and make it extremely easy to handle any cleanup.


Open Shelving

Fans of open shelving will love new trends in display design, such as plate rails on china hutch designed inserts. While some cooks hate the idea of open shelving that will require extra cleaning, modern designers are using open shelving for display with great effect.

Additionally, current design trends are hardly monochromatic. If you want floor to ceiling cabinets in one color, enjoy them! If you prefer an island of a different shade or even a totally different material, a well-placed open shelf might be just the space to introduce a color that will pull it all together.


Ready for a Modern Kitchen Design?

Modern kitchen design is supporting home cooks who want to work and play in the space. Your kitchen upgrade may lead to even more opportunities to serve great food to those you love.