Easy Ways to Personalize Your Office Desk

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Let’s face it. Whether you’re returning to work in the office or still working from home, you spend most of your day at your desk. Our desks become our second home, so why not bring some life to them? Personalizing your work desk can help improve your productivity and mental health while on the job and make your office a more comfortable and calming environment.

Here are a few easy ways to personalize your desk to create a welcoming workspace and increase productivity!

Personal Pictures

Having personal pictures of your family and friends at your desk can help keep you motivated and remind you of what you’re working hard for. These pictures can also be a good conversation starter for you and your colleagues if you’re back in the office for the first time in a while. Displaying these pictures in bright, patterned frames will also help add a splash of color to your workspace.


Indoor plants can be a welcome addition to your office, brighten your workspace, and help improve the air quality in your office. Not only is the extra greenery sure to look great, buying fun pots for your new plants can be an amazing way to personalize your workspace and create a more relaxing environment to work in.

Colorful Keyboard and Mouse Pad

More often than not, keyboard and mouse pads tend to be dull, boring, and plain. Try swapping the classic black pads for something patterned or designed with your own image choice. It’s a simple way to bring your workspace to life with your unique style and flair.

Stationary Organizers

Keeping your workspace neat can be challenging, especially during those busy work weeks. Try investing in a stationery organizer for your desk to provide the perfect solution to your workspace’s untidiness. Your stationery organizer will allow you to store all your small office essentials readily at your fingertips so that you won’t need to spend time searching for your favorite pen or sticky notes. An organized desk allows for a more productive, stress-free workday.

The best way to ensure your office space is optimal for work and efficiency is to invest in a custom-built desk. At A&E Millwork, our custom-made office desks are suitable for any professional situation. We are the custom wooden desk builder that can make pieces for reception areas, doctor’s offices, lawyer’s offices, and more! With the amount of time you spend at your desk, you deserve one that is custom-designed to fit your individual needs.

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