Get the Look: Custom Countertops Made Out of Wood

Looking for custom countertops made out of wood? Ready to get just the right look? We’ve got all the tips and tricks that you need. Wooden countertops aren’t nearly as common as counters made from granite and other materials. Your kitchen will absolutely stand out. Since granite countertops are so common, there’s no shortage of design inspiration. However, even though you’ll have to dig a little deeper to find your own inspiration, the beauty and uniqueness that will come from your own wooden countertops will be worth the search. You can start with the tips we’ve added below.

Keep it Simple

Countertops made out of wood are appealing precisely because they’re so simple. They don’t rely on a ton of glitz to stand out. They have their own beauty. That’s why it’s important to avoid overpowering them. When you decorate your kitchen, keep things simple. Don’t mix too many colors or overpower those countertops with a lot of knick-knacks. Let your countertops’ natural beauty do the talking.

Warm to Neutral

Now, let’s talk about color scheme. Generally, wooden countertops come in warm hues, which means that they have yellow and gold undertones. When you choose your paint colors and decor, try to stick with this warm-to-neutral theme. Too many cool colors will clash with your theme. Warm and neutral tones, however, will add brightness and a cheery glow to your kitchen.

Seal Them

Once you’ve installed your wooden countertops, don’t forget to seal them. When you have your wooden countertops sealed, they become waterproof and require very little maintenance. Your seal can also bring out the wood’s shine, adding even more brightness to your look.

Choose the Right Source

Countertops made out of wood are a great choice for kitchens. Now that you’ve made that choice, make sure you get your countertops from the right source. Look for a local, personal company that puts its heart and soul into the craft. If they offer customization, you get even more options. Customization lets you add your own touch to your countertops.

Countertops Made out of Wood

If you want the most beautiful countertops made out of wood, then A&E Millwork has exactly what you need to make your kitchen shine. Our custom wooden countertops will help you set your home apart from the rest. Bring some warm and natural beauty into your home design. Contact us today to start exploring your options.