How Custom Bathroom Cabinets Will Make your Home more Valuable

Quality shows, especially with custom bathroom cabinets. A custom millwork bathroom can add value to your home because custom cabinets are made with quality that you just can’t find with stock cabinetry. Prospective buyers can see that quality, making them more likely to buy the home. In fact, when a prospective buyer takes a look at a home, the bathroom is one of the main rooms that they are looking at. Moreover, they are looking for quality materials.

But, while resale value matters, it’s not the only kind of value that’s important; the value that custom cabinetry can add to your home is in how much you enjoy it, as well. While you can add stock cabinetry to your bathroom, there are some definite benefits to using custom cabinetry, instead. Here are the benefits of custom bathroom cabinets over stock cabinets, and how they will add value to your home, both in how you feel about the cabinets, and in how a prospective buyer will feel about them, too.

Quality of Materials

Custom millwork bathroom cabinets are generally made of higher quality materials than stock cabinets. With wood straight from the mill, custom cabinets are not made of particle board. Instead, custom cabinets are made with quality wood that will last for decades. You, as the homeowner, will look at these cabinets every day, and you’ll notice. Prospective buyers will also be taking note of the materials.

Quality of Craftsmanship

Custom cabinets are made by hand by craftsmen. Custom cabinets are also made with latest trends and top-quality techniques such as dovetail joints and wood glue block braces. Again, both you and anyone who tours your home will notice the upgrade.

Optimized Bathroom Space

Custom bathroom millwork are designed specifically for your bathroom. With stock cabinets, if there is more space in your bathroom than a certain size cabinet, but your bathroom isn’t quite big enough to move up to the next size, filler pieces are placed in that space. These filler pieces do not offer any storage, so they are essentially wasted space. In a small space like a bathroom, this will lead to disappointment for years to come because you will always be wondering what it would be like if you had that space. Future buyers will also appreciate the added value, and it can even become an added feature that a real estate agent can use to sell your house.

Customized to Your Bathroom and Needs

Sometimes custom cabinets are essential for certain projects. If your bathroom has odd dimensions and angles to the wall or ceiling, it might be impossible to find cabinets that fit that space. Because custom cabinets will make optimal use of the space, they will also impress prospective homebuyers and add value to your home.

Quality materials and quality craftsmanship leads to value, both in terms of resale value and what you enjoy while you’re still living there. Cabinets are a long-term investment, and it’s actually more cost-effective to get cabinets that will fit your bathroom for years to come.