What Makes Wood a Great Choice for Your Doors

Wood Doors

The doors in your home are something you don’t usually spend a lot of time thinking about. But when you need to replace them or you’re remodeling your home and considering a door upgrade, you quickly start to realize how important they are. Doors provide privacy, safety and protection, complete the look of your space, and exterior doors serve as a first impression of your home.

It’s important to choose doors that can accomplish all of these tasks—a choice that begins with what materials are used to build them. Consider these reasons why wood doors would make the best choice for your home!

Wood doors are beautiful.

Fiberglass, steel, and other materials can’t compare to the warm, inviting, and sophisticated look of a wooden door. Wood doors can fit seamlessly with any style home, thanks to versatile paint, finish, and paneling options. Using wood for your front door will also boost the curb appeal (and value) of your home. With such stunning and flexible aesthetics, wood is easily a timeless choice.

Wood is naturally energy efficient.

Solid hardwood is a good insulator, which is something you want to prioritize in both your interior and exterior doors. Doors made of wood will help keep heat and air conditioning inside of your home, helping indoor temperatures remain steady and energy bills remain low. As an added bonus, wood is not just a temperature insulator but a noise insulator too, so you can cut down on noise pollution at the same time.

Wood doors will be easy to repair.

If your doors suffer weather damage, scratches, and everyday wear and tear—which they will, over time—then wood makes for an easy fix. Wood hides damage like this well in the first place, due to its more natural texture. But if these issues do become noticeable, you can easily re-sand and repaint to make your doors look as good as new. With little touchups, your wood doors will be durable enough to last for decades.

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