3 Bathroom Organization Hacks to Help You Make the Most of Your Space

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When it comes to organization, the bathroom is one of the toughest spaces in your home to master. You use the bathroom so often for so many different things, it doesn’t take long for items to pile up. Then, when you’re in there trying to get primped for the day or relax in the tub, cleaning and reorganizing is the last thing on your mind.

But a messy bathroom can really slow you down, so taking a little time to get organized will really pay off during your morning and bedtime routines. Here are a few organizational tips to help you take back control of your bathroom space!

1) Stock up on storage containers and dividers.

Organizational products like small storage bins, caddies, and drawer dividers can be very useful for keeping items (especially small ones) from cluttering your bathroom. You can use them in drawers, cabinets, the linen closet, countertops, and even the shower or bathtub ledge. They’ll make your items easier to access, so you’re less likely to make a mess looking for them.

2) Make use of vertical space.

One of the best ways to optimize organization and storage in your bathroom is to create functional space out of non-functional space—i.e., the walls. There are plenty of products available to help you turn unused vertical space into a handy storage solution. Some options to look into are wall hooks for towels, wall shelving, overhead shower caddies, over-the-toilet furniture, and bins you can attach to the side or inner door of cabinets.

3) Keep countertops clear.

A cluttered counter automatically makes your bathroom look messy. It also makes it easier for your space to accumulate more clutter and become further disorganized. To prevent this, reserve your counter space for just a few of your most-used items, such as hand soap, your toothbrush (in a holder!), a Q-tip jar, or face moisturizer.

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