The Benefits of Using 3D Design for Your Home Remodel

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New materials, advances in technology, and innovative interior design trends have brought the capabilities of home renovation a long way from what they once were. The planning process especially has become much more thorough and accurate, thanks to the development of 3D design software.

3D rendering techniques are able to provide homeowners and contractors alike with a better idea of what a final project should and will look like. This makes the process quicker, more efficient, and produces a result that is truer to the original vision. How so? Let’s take a look!

Easy to Conceptualize Designs

Dimensions, grids, and 2D blueprints don’t do much to help you visualize what a space will look like in real life if you don’t have a background in architecture or contracting. With a 3D model, it is much easier to picture what your remodeled home will look like and envision it in practice. You’ll be able to get a more realistic preview of how all of the elements of your design flow together and decide whether you like it or want changes made before any of the actual work begins.

Optimized Spatial Planning

3D design software creates a model of your planned space in which its various layers and elements are all merged together, relative to your actual space. This helps you visualize how that space will be used and provides opportunities to make changes that allow you to use it more efficiently. This type of spatial planning leaves less room for error—and the more accurate your plan is, the more functional your space will be.

Improved Designer-Client Communication

When you have a more realistic and accurate visual representation of your home renovation plan, it’s much easier to see what you do and do not like about it. 3D modeling software allows you to easily swap out different architectural features, building materials, finishes, and other design elements. You and your contractor can review this model together and tweak it until you’re satisfied.

Did you know that at A&E Millwork, we offer fully-customized 3D designs for your interior millwork or other home renovation project? Our 3D renderings will make you feel like you’re in a space before it’s even installed or constructed, ensuring we get every detail just right before we set to work.

Get in touch with our team today to get started on a 3D model for your interior remodeling project!