3 Cardinal Rules for Mixing Wood Tones in Your Home

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There are a lot of creative ways to incorporate wood into the interior design scheme of your home! It’s so versatile, occurring naturally in different sizes, textures, and colors.

You may be worried that using too many different types of wood will overwhelm your space—and you’d be right! But if you choose your tones carefully and implement them the right way, you can come up with a style that is both diverse and cohesive. With these fundamental rules in mind and an experienced company to bring your vision to life, you’ll have no problem coming up with a unique and gorgeous design!

1.) Keep your undertones consistent.

If you support your wooden features with one dominant undertone, you’ll be able to use an eclectic mix of wooden hues throughout your space without sacrificing cohesion. Choose to work within either a warm or cool palette of finishes to prevent any stylistic clashing. Warm undertones will appear yellow or red, while a cool finish will have a grey or ashy look. You can also play around with neutral tones, which pair well with both!

2.) Spread different shades throughout the room.

When you’re blending different wood tones, you want to make sure the room feels balanced. Grouping all your darker colors together will just make that part of the room feel heavy. Harmony is best accomplished by using each of your wood tones twice. This will create both cohesive and visually interesting layers. You can also employ non-wooden shades in your furniture and décor to help achieve this as well.

3.) Experiment with wood grain.

Don’t be afraid to take risks with other characteristics of wood if you’re already mixing tones! Wood grain is a great tool to use to establish the style of a room. A finer texture, for example, is more elegant and modern, while a coarse grain adds a simple, rustic touch to a space. Feel free to combine wood grains too, just don’t go crazy and make the room feel disjointed.

If you’re not sure how to successfully mix wood tones, it’s best to consult with the experts. The professionals at A&E Millwork will be happy to put their skill, passion, and experience to work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our market-leading millwork solutions!