How to Make Your Office More Inviting

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As much as you might hate to think about it, as a working adult you likely spend a majority of your weekly time at the office. For the sake of productivity, and your sanity, it’s important to cultivate your office into an efficient, comforting, and inspiring space.

So, what can you do to create a cozy workspace that you (and your clients) look forward to spending time in?

Brighten it up.

Ideal lighting is very effective at boosting both mood and productivity, especially in the office. Do what you can to take advantage of any natural light that comes into your space—breezy curtains kept open, mirrors to reflect light around the room—and supplement with ambient artificial lighting.

Make sure you have enough to allow for productivity, but not so much that it makes the room feel harsh and lifeless. Soft overhead lighting, pendant lights, and floor lamps are a good place to start!

Incorporate natural elements.

What better to make you feel relaxed and at peace in your office than the fresh warmth of nature? Create a soothing atmosphere by adding touches of greenery throughout your office and seasonal flowers you can switch out at different times of year!

Use natural materials like stone, slate, and wood furnishings and finishes, and opt for an earthy color scheme to really bring the outside in.

Personalize your space.

To really make your workspace feel homey, add elements of your own personality. Choose décor that inspires you, like your favorite painting or a framed picture of your favorite quote, to help you through those late-night work sessions and rainy Mondays.

Decorate your cabinets and desk with personal photos and mementos that have sentimental meaning to you. These will bring you comfort and make your office feel authentic and human.

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