3 Paint Color Schemes to Complement Your Wood Trim

When you incorporate wood details into your space, you want to make sure they’re working in sync with the rest of your interior design. One issue a lot of people struggle with is choosing the right paint color for rooms with wood trim.

Because your paint will be right up against the wood, you need to be extra careful to select a color that will highlight your trim without overshadowing or clashing with it. If you’re having trouble landing on the perfect swatch, here are a few tried and true color schemes that we find always go well with wood trim!

1) White or Off-White

When in design doubt, white almost always works. A soft white will serve as the perfect light backdrop to make the colors and details of your wood trim pop. With warmer woods, use off-white for a fresh look that isn’t too stark. Save the bright, pure whites for spaces with dark wood trim to create a dramatic contrast.

2) Warm Neutrals

If you want to play up the warmth of natural wood, go with a warm color scheme for your walls. Especially if your space has a homier style, like farmhouse or contemporary, the warm wood and color combination will make the room feel especially big and inviting. Look for creamy beiges and greiges, chocolatey browns, and shades of tan. To add a little more color, you can also incorporate softer pops of bolder hues, such as a muted sage or pastel blue.

3) Cool Earthy Colors

If you prefer to tone down the warmth of your wood trim, a cool color palette will help neutralize and create visually striking contrasts. Choose cool-toned neutrals like charcoal grey or taupe for a subtle cozy or modern effect. Or, for something a little more elegant and dramatic, opt for deeper, richer shades such as forest green or navy blue.

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