How You Can Tell It’s Time for New Kitchen Cabinets

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You probably spend more time than you think in the kitchen. Whether it’s microwaved meals for yourself or gourmet recipes to eat with your family, this is the spot where you store, make, and gather to eat the food that fuels you every day. That’s why the kitchen is likely the first place you’ll start to think about remodeling or upgrading after you buy your home.

One of the most crucial components of a functional, stylish kitchen is the cabinetry. Unfortunately, installing new kitchen cabinets is a hefty investment. So, how can you determine whether it’s finally time to take the leap?

The cabinets you have now are overrun with damage.

If your cabinets are old or were made poorly, there comes a point when they’ve suffered too much damage to fix or maintain. Especially when this damage starts to impact functionality, it’s time to think about replacement. Surface scratches, broken handles, doors that won’t stay closed, and water damage—warped wood, bubbling or peeling finish, discoloration or fading, mold growth—are all signs it’s time to say goodbye.

You’re out of storage space.

Over time, you accumulate a lot of items in your kitchen. If you’ve already gotten rid of what you don’t use and find your cabinets and drawers are still stuffed with pots, pans, utensils, and other kitchen essentials, it’s only going to get worse from here. Newer cabinetry is designed to more efficiently maximize your storage space, making it much easier to stay organized and quickly find what you need.

Your existing cabinet layout isn’t functional.

Are you constantly on your hands and knees trying to pull something out of the crevices of your lower cabinets? Or grabbing a stepstool so you can reach the cabinets above the fridge? You use your cabinets so often that efficient placement and design is a must for the sake of practicality. If most of your cabinets are too high, too low, have doors that slam into each other, or are just placed awkwardly, you’ll seriously benefit from a full remodel.

You hate looking at them.

When the look of your cabinets is outdated or no longer aligns with your tastes, you’re not going to like spending time in your kitchen at all. Unattractive cabinetry brings down the entire room, which makes you unhappy using it and will also deter potential buyers if and when you decide to sell. If you cringe every time you walk into your kitchen, it’s time to invest in a facelift.

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