4 Things You Need to Complete Your Farmhouse Kitchen

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One of the most popular trends in interior design these days (and one of our personal favorites) is the farmhouse style. Through creative combinations of rustic furnishings, warm accents, and traditional but chic décor, the farmhouse style mimics the simplicity of life on the farm without sacrificing contemporary comforts.

This style has become especially popular for kitchens, where homeowners want to create a welcoming shared space for family and guests alike. If you’re one of the many trying to pull off the modern farmhouse kitchen, be sure to include these staple elements to bring the look together!

1) Hardwood Floors

Farmhouse style is all about organic elements and materials to achieve that cozy, natural ambiance. Hardwood floors will add the elegant warmth you’re looking for. To really drive the look home, extend it upwards with wooden countertops too.

2) An Island

A kitchen island is a modern upgrade to the traditional long farmhouse table. It’ll provide the functional space you need to prepare a big meal, as well as an ideal spot for your family and guests to gather around.

3) Vintage Décor

A farmhouse kitchen is supposed to remind you of the pure simplicity of life on the farm. To inspire that nostalgia, you’ll need rustic accents and vintage touches to complete your space. Homey accessories like pallet art, pendant lights, plant life, mixed metal fixtures, and mason jars will add the personality and charm a farmhouse kitchen is known for.

4) Warm Neutrals

Again, the appeal of the farmhouse style is its soft but open atmosphere. Contrasting the natural dark tones in your wood features with warm neutral colors will help the room feel balanced and cozy. Cream, classic white, grays, and shades of beige are all good places to start (especially for larger surfaces like your cabinets and kitchen table).

Creating a true farmhouse style kitchen requires quality craftsmanship, innovative technique, and an experienced eye. You’ll find all that and more in the team at A&E Millwork! We’ve implemented our custom millwork solutions into a countless number of kitchens and other interior spaces to achieve our clients’ visions as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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