Tips for Using Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood flooring is a beautiful, elegant, and sturdy addition to any home. We could go on and on about the reasons why we love them, but we’ll just leave it at this—you can’t go wrong with classic hardwood floors.

Sometimes though, a room with wood floors needs a chic, inviting touch to pull everything together. An area rug is the perfect accent to achieve just that. Check out our tips for choosing the best one to bring out the beauty of your hardwood floors!

Choose a color that complements your wood tone.

The goal of interior design is always to create harmony in your space. That’s why it’s important to choose a color for your area rug with the right amount of contrast to fit cohesively with the style of the room. Deep, saturated colors like mossy greens, earthy browns, and rich reds will help weigh down lighter woods. To brighten up rooms with darker toned wood floors, opt for muted tones and neutrals, such as beige, gray, or even a pale blue.

The size of your rug matters.

Proportion can make or break your project in the design world. So, what does that mean for your area rug? It means you need something that’s big enough to ground your space, but not overwhelm it. Large rooms should have large carpets, and vice versa. Try to fully cover seating and furniture areas, while still maintaining a 6-18-inch border between your rug and the wall.

Be wise about rug placement.

Add rugs to areas with hardwood floors where they’ll have the greatest effect. Use them to define large, open spaces, anchor furniture, and make spaces feel cozier and more comfortable. Area rugs go far in high-traffic areas too—entryways, master bedrooms, living rooms—where they can serve as a protective layer for your hardwood flooring that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Hardwood floors are no small investment. When you take the leap, you’ll want to be sure they’re done right. Get in touch with the fine craftsmen at A&E Millwork. Our custom interior millwork is durable, masterful, and spans across the residential and luxury spectrum to meet the needs of every client.

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