4 Ways to Use Wood to Enhance Your Bathroom

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Wood is one of the most versatile materials used in interior design. Not only is it durable enough to last for many years and through many style changes, but you can make it work anywhere—the living room, kitchen, office, and yes, even the bathroom!

The bathroom is, arguably, one of the places we are our most natural selves. It makes sense that the rich, organic qualities of wood fit well and bring a sense of comfort to this space. If you need inspiration for creative ways to incorporate wood into your bathroom design, we’ve got a few great places for you to start!

Wood on the Ceiling

Installing wood on your bathroom ceiling is a powerful statement. You’ll give your space a dramatic look, while simultaneously engulfing it in a natural warmth. Do the full ceiling to truly embrace the natural façade, or create a more artful look with wooden accent beams.

Wood on the Wall

Using wood on all four walls of any room is risky, but light-colored wood paneling on one accent wall of the bathroom can actually have a relaxing effect on the space. Especially if you already have hardwood floors, extending them up through one wall creates a beautiful flow. Plus, it’ll add texture to a room that can easily become monotonous.

Wood Cabinets

Wooden bathroom cabinets are the perfect functional design element to give the room depth and warmth. Bathroom cabinetry is a great opportunity to include wood in your design cohesively, while optimizing the use of your bathroom space. If you go for custom wooden cabinets, your bathroom will have an even more natural, streamlined look.

Wood Fixtures

If you’re looking for a truly unique way to use wood in your bathroom, opt for wooden accessories and components. They’ll add just as much ambiance as larger installations for a more cost-efficient price. Go bold with a wooden sink basin, shower floors, or even a bathtub made of wood. Or, use wood in smaller doses—a toilet seat, a few accented tiles, or even a mirror frame—for a carefully calculated “wow” factor.

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