Why You Should Be Using Wood in Your Office Design

As soon as you cross the threshold into adult life, a majority of your time is spent working. When you have an office job, that means clocking a lot of hours in one little room. For the sake of your productivity and, quite frankly, your sanity, you need to make your office a place you enjoy being in. One of the best ways to do that? Wood!

Let’s take a look at how wooden elements in your interior design can help you create a comfortable and productive home or business office.

Wood helps create a more inviting workspace.

When wood is used in interior design, it elicits a feeling of peace and warmth. This is a natural, almost physiological response brought on by our association of wood with nature. Being surrounded by wood and other natural elements unconsciously reduces our stress and anxiety levels. Working in a calmer, more inviting space that you actually like being in will make it easier for you and/or your employees to be productive.

Wood also offers physical health benefits.

Studies have shown that wood-based interiors actually have positive effects on our physical health in addition to our mental health and happiness. Wood improves indoor air quality by regulating humidity, absorbing excess moisture in the air and then releasing it when humidity levels drop to maintain equilibrium with its surroundings. If the air we breathe is too humid, bacteria and fungi are more likely to linger. If air is too dry, it leads to skin irritation and can trigger respiratory issues. Therefore, wood offices are generally healthier, more hypoallergenic environments.

Wood is durable and easy to maintain.

Because wood doesn’t hold onto dirt and debris in the same way as fabrics and other materials, it’s pretty quick and easy to clean, allowing you to maintain a cleaner workplace. Wood is also a sturdy, long-lasting material, which saves you or your company money on repairs, replacements, and renovations in the long run. Plus, wood is very versatile in style. So, just because it will be around for a while, doesn’t mean you can’t switch up other aspects of your design for a fresh look when you need a change.

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