Incorporating Wood into Your Interior Design

Wood has been a staple resource in the design world since humans started building permanent homes! It provides every space it inhabits with reliable strength and a timeless look. There are so many different ways to bring the natural beauty of wood into your home, it can be hard to know where to start. Check… Read more »

Get the Look: Custom Countertops Made Out of Wood

Looking for custom countertops made out of wood? Ready to get just the right look? We’ve got all the tips and tricks that you need. Wooden countertops aren’t nearly as common as counters made from granite and other materials. Your kitchen will absolutely stand out. Since granite countertops are so common, there’s no shortage of… Read more »

Custom Cutting Boards: The Perfect Newlywed Gift

Anyone can buy a blender or a toaster as a wedding gift, but if you’re close to the couple, you’ll want to get them something special. Have you considered a custom cutting board? When you want a touching and creative wedding gift, custom cutting boards have just enough charm. Thankfully, when you start looking for… Read more »

How to Choose Millwork and Colors for the Top 3 Custom Home Styles

When building a custom home, it helps to choose a style to guide your design choices. Some of the most interesting custom home designs feature a defined architectural style, custom interior millwork, and a thoughtful color palette. Based on this article by Houzz, the top three styles you’re likely to see are Farmhouse, Modern/Contemporary, and… Read more »

Custom Kitchen Millwork Cabinetry Designs that are Trending

There are exciting trends in kitchen cabinetry design that allow the kitchen to be both a gathering space and a working room. If you’re planning a new home or a rehab and want custom millwork kitchen accents or touches, take careful note of exactly what you want in the space, then put it to work… Read more »

Why Custom Millwork Cabinets Will Help you Create your Dream Home

If you’re in the process of building a new home from scratch, or if you have a home that you are remodelling, then you most likely want to make your home into one that you’ll be satisfied for years to come. When you’re working on something that you will be using for years, it doesn’t… Read more »

How Custom Bathroom Cabinets Will Make your Home more Valuable

Quality shows, especially with custom bathroom cabinets. A custom millwork bathroom can add value to your home because custom cabinets are made with quality that you just can’t find with stock cabinetry. Prospective buyers can see that quality, making them more likely to buy the home. In fact, when a prospective buyer takes a look… Read more »

Top 3 Trends for Custom Millwork Cabinet Designs

Closets that are organized just the way YOU like them Whether you’re an organizing guru or not, the best way to keep your home organized is to have a dedicated space for every object. That doesn’t mean you need to throw out all of your collectibles and start living a minimalist lifestyle; it just means… Read more »

How To Organize, Execute & Finish Kitchen Remodel & Redesign in Your Home

Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task. You are probably asking yourself where to begin. On average, homeowners spend more money on remodeling a kitchen than on any other remodeling project. Nationally the cost of a major kitchen remodel will be recovered by 65.3% of value of the home and a minor kitchen remodel by… Read more »

7 Advantages Of Having A Custom Walk-In Closet

Adding a custom walk-in closet to a bedroom is a relatively easy home improvement project, and it can bring a lot of benefits to the owners. A closet can certainly make your life more comfortable, but it can also boost your home’s security and value, so everyone should consider building one. 1. Dress Quickly The… Read more »